Bharat Nirman goes International-8th Asiad Literature Festival in Dubai

8th Asiad Literature Festival in Dubai

To celebrate and to glorify, honor & promote 3 strong pillars of brand India, namely- Gandhi, Khadi and Yoga along with Indian Literature and Literati, '8th Asiad Literature Festival' is being organised by Bharat Nirman Foundation (An all India Body eshtablished to promote Indian Culture, Art, Literature and Entrepreneurship since 1980) in Dubai-on 16 June at the Indian Consulate.

Padmashree Dr Mohsin Wali, Ex Diplomat Sri Amarendra Khatua, Industrialist and Entrepreneur Sri Shrikant & Supriya Badve are the Directors of the Fest. Entrepreneur &  Life Coach Sanskriti Bhandari is the Chief Advisor of this fest.

This Lit Fest would have Panel Discussions-(30 minutes with 6 Panelists each):
-Belief in Interfaith & Spirituality for World Peace;
-Gandhi, Khadi and Yoga (Brand India) with eminent speakers;
-Poetry & literature with Literati of India & Dubai;
-Talk show with Women in Power with Entrepreneurs and Industrialists on India 2020.

This Lit Fest will also feature along with practical Yoga sessions along with an expo on Gandhi & Khadi (Open to all).
This would also feature most prestigious 1st Gandhian Peace Honor4th Make in India Awards8th Literary Excellence Awards & 42nd Women Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, conferred upon by the Foundation, to selected few achievers of India & UAE.

Great Journalist and Social Activist Kiran Chopra (Owner of Punjab Kesari) and HE Mirza Al Sayegh being conferred with most prestigious Gandhi Peace Honor. Diamond King Dr Harshad R Mehta, Philanthropic and Entrepreneur Surendra Singh kandhari, Vice President Emirates Bank Lubna Qassim, Chief Editor & Entrepreneur Sumit Sahwney are one of the few Entrepreneur of the Year awardees; also  Geeta Chhabra being conferred with Literary Excellence Award,  said the Convener of the Fest-Sri Ravindra Bhandari.                       


  1. Most prestigious and happening event of the Foundation till date.


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