24th Mystique India Expo (An Expo promoting Traditional Gandhian Bharat & New India) with Make in India Awards

Bharat Nirman Foundation (Delhi) is organizing its 24th Mystique India, Greatest Wellness & Entrepreneurial Expo; which started in the year 1995 with the support of Health Ministry, KVIC & ITPO; is scheduled on 2nd of December 2018 at Hotel The Royal Plaza 9 am-6 pm CP New Delhi, India. The event, this year is An Ode to Gandhi & Indian Wellness.
The whole event includes Panel Discussions, Talk shows and Exhibition of products from Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Khadi & Handicrafts, Spa, Art & Cultue and various Start Ups and Made in India Products (benefiting public at large) & felicitation Entrepreneurs & Wellness experts by the most prestigious Make in India Awards, Glorifying and Promoting both  New India & Traditional Bharat (Showcasing on Importance on Gandhian Traditional Way of Living on one hand and  need of Inspiring Youth & Entrepreneurs on the other side).
The various Panel Discussions are as understated:

09.30 am-10.00 am: Tea Networking;
10.15 am-10.20 am: Inauguration & lamp Lighting;
10.30 am-12.30 pm: Bringing Entrepreneurs & Gandhian Wellness Together & Make in India Awards
12.40 pm-01.15 pm: Modern Art & Passion** (Highlighting Gandhi Art, Traditions & Culture); 
01.15 pm-02.00 pm: Network Break;
02.10 pm-02.50 pm: Gandhian System of Healthy Living-Yoga, Khadi, Naturopathy, Ayurveda & Homoeopathy*;
03:00 pm-03:30 pm: Wellness through Tarot & Spirituality along with Tarot Diva Awards*;
03.50 pm-05.30 pm: 2nd Socio-Ethical Wellness Ramp Walk & 2nd Socio-Ethical Wellness Awards;
05.30 pm-06.00 pm: Networking Tea & Closing Ceremony.
*(Along with Expo on Various Products & Services);
**(Along with Art Work Display of a few well known Artists at the Gandhi & Khadi Art Show).
We believe that this platform will offer an opportunity to Entrepreneurs, Professional and Corporate Houses from India and abroad in terms of Ideas/Knowledge-Sharing/Business and much more on Indian Wellness & Youth Entrepreneurs.

About the Foundation
Bharat Nirman, an organization, ever since its inception in 1980 has been an active participant in the India Growth Story through its Advocacy Role for the Policy Makers and Regulators of the Country. As a true representative of the Country with a large membership base of more than 25000 direct and indirect members, Bharat Nirman has forged ahead leveraging its legacy with its concern over making India most powerful country across the globe by regular interactions, Seminars, Conference and Conclaves allow healthy and constructive discussions between the Government, Industry and International Agencies bringing out the Vitals for Growth.
At a Global level we have been working with the Embassies and High Commissions in India to bring in the International Best Practices and Business Opportunities. In the process we have organized more than 150 events including Seminars/Exhibitions and Award shows and takes the credit of oldest working NGO across the Country working on its own with no government aid (mostly through small sponsorship and personal support). All in all, we promote all government policies & schemes of PMO, MSME & Health Ministry.

People associated/honored by the Foundation
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Baba Ramdev, Brahmakumaris, Sant Nirankari, Bejan Daruwala, Swami Satyanand Saraswati, BKS Iyenger, Jaggi Vasudeva, Surakshit Goswami, Javed Akhtar, Dr. K.K.Aggarwal, Dr S.K.Sama, Dr. DS Rana, Shahnaz Husain, Nafisa Ali, Anjolie Ela menon, Jatin Das, Dr. Seema Midha, Anjana Kuthiala, Poonam Sethi, Dr. Kiran Bedi, Sonal Mansingh, Shovana Narayan, Shubha Mudgal, Nafisa Ali, Dr Shikha Sharma, Sita Raina, Manoj Santoshi, Renu Shahnawaz Hussain, Nayanika Chatterjee, IAS Anju Sharma, IFS Amarendra Khatua, IRS Sangeeta Gupta, IRS Arun S Bhatnagar, IAS Balwinder Kumar, IAS Dr M Ravikanth, Padmashri Dr Mohsin Wali, SM Khan, IPS Neeraj Kumar, IAS Neelam Saxena Chandra, IAS Sumedha Kataria, IAS Kiran Soni Gupta, IAS Naveen Jain, Madhup Mohta, IAS Ashwini Bhide, IRS Paramjeet Singh, ACM SR Gaikwad, IFS Atul Gotsurve, IAS Shekhar Gaikwad, IAS CN Dalvi, Divya Dutta, Rajeshwari Modi, Nisha JamVwal, Shaina NC, Manju Lodha, Ambika Sharma, Shivani Wazir Pasrich, Mallika Jain, Divya Chauhan, Aruna Tewari, Anil Khaian, Mahesh Gupta, Padmashree Ravindra Kumar and many more.